Backcountry Bites and Creative Cocktails


Stop in after a day on the river or to meet up with old friends who are on their way to Yellowstone. When you step inside the McGill’s Saloon, you’ll be transported to another time when the best part of the day was pulling up a stool to share stories over a cold drink and a bite to eat.

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Raise a Glass

to montana's past

You don’t need to take your boots off at the door when you step inside the McGill’s saloon, but do be prepared for a treat. Order a beer, a whiskey neat or indulge in a house specialty cocktail made using local herbs and meticulous processes. While the surroundings will no doubt transport you to a slower, simpler time, our food and drink menu offerings are innovative and creative and give you a taste of the best that Montana has to offer today.

House-made Limoncello

The secret to McGill’s house-made limoncello is the use of simple ingredients and a 30-day osmosis process. For 30 days, lemons patiently hang over Everclear. Through osmosis, the flavors and juices from the lemons fuse into the alcohol, creating a delightful dessert drink. You’ll also find our limoncello used as an ingredient in some of our other cocktails.

Cocktail menu

Ranch Burger

Montana Wagyu beef is used for our eight-ounce burger patty. Topped with candied thick-cut bacon, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, local black garlic aioli, it’s served on a house-made everything bun. House-cut fries are served on the side.

dinner menu

Step back

to a simpler time

Step inside the saloon and you’re inside one of the oldest buildings on the 320 Guest Ranch property. This building is the original homestead built by the Wilson family more than 120 years ago. In 1898, Sam Wilson homesteaded 160 acres along the Gallatin River. He constructed this building for his family’s residence. In 1900, Sam’s father, Clinton, claimed the adjoining 160 acres. The father and son combined the two properties to form the Buffalo Horn Resort. Since then, the resort has played host to generations of visitors seeking to reconnect with the outdoors and explore the West.

Dining room

If you’re looking to get gussied up for date night, make a reservation at the McGill’s dining room where you can enjoy more classic Montana flavors prepared in exciting, creative new ways.

dining room